Ideas to make tournament poker better

There is no doubt in the fact that the Daftar poker online tournaments have gained a lot of popularity. Even the registration of the world series of poker championship exceeded the mid Aught numbers. Even the daily tournaments and low shitake events are drawing in a huge number of players. But still, there is a lot of scopes to improve the Daftar poker online tournaments.

Five simple ways to make poker tournaments better:

To be honest, most players love to register late for the tournaments. Might be they like to sleep in or might be they want to get some action in life and plan their strategy or there can be a case that they are just getting late for some reason. Many owners have thought of eliminating this method of late registration, but there is a better way out. If the number of stacks is reduced based on the time when the player enters the tournament, late registrations can be minimized.

The rule can be set to reduce stack by 5 percent for late registration at each level. Mostly tournaments span at least eight levels and with this rule, players can lose up to 20k chips for late registration. So players would choose to be in the tournament since the start.

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Another option is to put the chips on a felt and now the stacks of the game can be blinded right from the start of the game. Those that buy-in late are taking a chance that the early players on the table are not playing at a rapid speed and the blinds and BBA have eaten into the late comer’s stack.

Another method to improve daftar poker online tournaments is by reducing the number of starting chips. Casinos want that huge number of starting chips just to make the tournament look significant. Ideally, it should be like a traditional poker 1 chip for 1 dollar. So 10k tournament chips will mean that the stake is of $10k. Extra chips are just added to create hype. You can still opt for deep play by adjusting the blind structures.

Next, if you want to make the game more interesting then limit the number of players on each table to a maximum 8. This will create more action and players would register sooner as there would be a chance to miss a good game.

Finally, there is a chance that the game might get delayed because of wait for eight players to be completed. This is because you cannot play short on a table when others have full players.

To conclude tournament poker is not at all a damaged product but there is scope for improvement so that it grabs more players especially youngsters.

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