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How to Make Barcode Marked Decks?

The difference between the ultimate marked deck cards and the invisible ink cards is very complicated. Barcode marked cards are very difficult. Invisible ink, card printer, and the requirement of skills on the marker are very essential.

Markers are very proficient in adding the cyclic code at the edges of the playing cards by making use of a card printer. When you are processing the unmarked cats then markers are keeping the original color, shapes, and the touch feeling. It is not difficult but if the markers are not paying attention then there would be the issue of quality. So the experience and professional manufacturers and the suppliers are highly suggesting the clients buy the edged mark cards directly from the company. As there barcode marked cards are coming with high quality and very strong. These edge marked cards are easily available all over the world.

poker cheat cards games


  • The scanners and the analyzing system are only able to interpret the edge code present on the sides of the poker
  • It is indispensable to the poker analyzer system
  • This is also compatible with all the versions of the poker analyzer and the scanners. If the distance between the edge code marked deck and the scanner is within the range then the players and the magicians would be able to take advantage of the poker analyzer system.
  • You can make different materials for cheating playing cards in the barcode mark cards for the poker analyzer system.
  • The effect of the barcode will be there for one to two years. Whatever times you should do dealing and shuffling, the edge code on the sides of poker will still be as it is.

Choosing Suitable Marked Card

  • This card would be the best choice for the family who are playing private poker games and family card games. On some of the informal occasions, it is also suitable for people who are playing the poker and the magic tricks for the first time.
  • If you require the additional edge when playing the poker games and also you are having the additional pair of the lenses then these invisible marked cards are the best choice for you. The high security of the lenses will guarantee victory in the casino poker cheat cards games and the biggest magic shows.
  • Barcode marked deck cards are considered the quickest but also it is also considered as the shortest way of success. With Poker Analyzer and the barcode marked deck, you will know the result of the poker before making the blind. There is no need of calculating the odds and guessing for the best hand. You can just sit idle and enjoy the gains which are brought by the barcode marked cards.

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