Factors when developing a strategy in poker tournaments

Getting rid of participating in a poker tournament is NEVER a good feeling, and the main idea, of course, is to do it as deeply as possible in every tournament you participate in, but is that all you need? Of course, you already realized that poker is not a simple game at all, and a tournament strategy requires even more multi-layered thinking for long-term success and profitability.

Earn money

One of the most important factors when developing a strategy in domino qiu qiu tournaments is to earn money. For some players, this is not so important, since their funds are at a comfort level, with 50, 100 and even 200 buy-ins or more waiting in their account for the next tournament. In this situation, many versatile players and professionals will play more aggressively because they want to make money with a healthy stack.

However, for most online players, this is simply not the case, and getting money should be of the utmost importance. The reason for this is that when you are really building a bankroll, the best game to play is the money of your opponents, not yours. I call it OPM or money from other players, and if you’re just starting to play poker online, then OPM is your only form of long-term success, except for exceptional luck.

The only way to start using OPM is to do everything possible to earn money in each tournament in which you play. This may not be the best game for high payments, but at low limits it works for several reasons. First of all, there are enough fools in the online poker game that, in essence, will bring you money thanks to their impatient and thoughtless aggression.

Secondly, the dropout rate in tournaments with low limits is sometimes fast, and you can expect that, in fact, your registration fee will be at least double what you paid.

Receive 15-20 percent

Finally, you can expect to receive money in approximately 15-20 percent of cases, and no matter how you play, math is on your side to make the final table often enough to get higher payments, no matter how hard you play

Now adopting this philosophy generally requires a hard and aggressive game in Harrington’s style, but it is not easy to follow this style, observing the stupid players around you and their happy but growing piles. However, if you are passionate about this, it means that you play because of lack of emotional control and do not use a reliable winning strategy.

It all comes down to numbers and odds. If you play aggressively and hard, you will earn money often enough to collect your OPM bankroll and then play forever without risk.

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