Domino Terminologies You’d Want To Be Familiar With

A well known classic yet still being enjoyed by innumerable people the world over, domino has its own language every participant should be aware of. It makes playing a lot easier and fun. Below are some of the terms you will definitely hear being called out as the very amusing and profitable (so better play it right) situs judi dominoqq online terpercaya is played out.

Blocks, Tiles, Domino

  • terms used to denote domino pieces


  • dots on the surface of the domino pieces

Ace, Deuce, Trey

  • the end of a domino block with 1, 2, and 3 pip/s respectively

Double, Trump, Spinner

  • a domino piece with an equal number of pips on both ends; it can be played on either sides or ends


  • -a set of domino pieces which has an identical number of pips on one end

Count Dominoes

  • domino pieces whose number of pips total 5 or multiples of 5


  • a player’s arrangement of their domino pieces in a row

Boneyard, Widows

  • the domino pieces that were left after each player has completed their arm


  • a round of game between shuffles
  • it also refers to the domino pieces each player is holding on to


  • the total number of points a player predicts to make at a particular hand.

Bidding Game

  • a kind of domino game wherein the players estimate the number of points they will accumulate in every hand.

Blocking Game

  • a kind of domino game wherein points is made only after a hand has been played. Points are given to the player who uses up all his tiles first.

Blocking Game

Scoring Game

  • a kind of domino game wherein points are accumulated both while the game is in progress and after the hand is finished.

Round Game

  • also called “party game”
  • usually has numerous participants
  • a kind of domino game played only as individual players and not as a team


  • any kind of domino game wherein there are only two participants


  • a strategy used to ensure that the next player has no more tile to lay
  • another term for a domino piece

Blocked Game

  • a game is considered blocked and finished when all players have domino pieces left but are unable to lay one on the layout (the arrangement of domino pieces on the table to which others are to be attached)


  • any kind of domino game wherein there are only individual players; no partners or teams


  • refers to the first domino piece to be laid on the table
  • also means that a participant is not able to make a bid


  • consistently done before and after a round of the game, the domino pieces are turned face down and randomly mixed up much like in a mahjong game to ensure that no player gets to see which domino pieces they will get

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