Try out some amazing online casino games like the fishing star

Want to have fun while playing the fishing game? There are many games available in online for playing among them is the catch fish game which earlier used to be in offline, but now a days it has grown very faster and people are liking it more and more.

How and where is this game played?

 This game is just like any other shooting games, but here fishes are shot with the help of gun. This can be played in all the type of devices is different types of mobile phones, different types of tablets, computers and many more devices and these are mega888 games

Aim of the game is to shoot fishes as much as possible and earn points. Each fish has separate values that is one fish had more points than the other, there are many types in these few fishes are small and few are big , few are easy can be killed easily and few needs more bullets , few fishes move slowly and few moves very faster.

It is very important to keenly observe which fish has got more value and which fishes are easy to kill because it will increase your chances of earning more points and increase chances of winning more and more points.

In catch fishing star game Big fish if killed you can earn more points but for killing big fishes you need more bullets and if you can’t target properly more bullets will be wasted instead trying to kill small fishes which move slow would be better and better chances to earn more points. If you are new to game initially start whatever fishes comes on the screen rather than waiting for big fishes and aiming them.

It very important to remember that going in back of big fishes will make you lose points as you will miss all the small fishes and use more and more bullets to kill large fishes. So if you are not able to kill the big fishes then don’t waste your time , just go and kill the small fishes and fishes which move slow because sometimes bonus points will be added if you kill more number of fishes irrespective of how many points you earned.

Always observing fishes is important and their values and their speeds , so that it will be easier for you to know and decide what fishes you should target more sometimes even small fishes killing can make you earn more points so observing is very important.

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