The Ted Slot Game

Is The Ted Slot Game Still a Hit?

Movies are one of the best sources of entertainment these days. Watching your favorite movies, again and again, gives you that nostalgic feeling, and it can easily take your mind off things for a while. It’s the perfect stress reliever, which is why millions of people love watching movies during their spare time. But once you mix it with gambling, movies become even more interesting. You can watch your favorite characters while you’re placing bets in a slot machine game. Thousands of online slots are film-themed, and it brings more joy to the gambler because their favorite movie characters are on display!

One of the most popular films in 2012 was Ted. It’s about a teddy bear that came to life and is owned by John. They have been together since John was still a little boy, and they continue to become friends until John’s adulthood. It’s a movie filled with laughter and joy, which is why it became the 12th highest-grossing film of 2012. So many adults love Ted because of its humor, and it’s one reason why Ted was incorporated as a slot machine game. The Ted Slot Game is still a huge hit, and you can play it at Let’s learn a little more about this fun slot machine game!

Knowing More About Ted the Movie & Ted the Slot Machine Game

Ted stars Mark Wahlberg as the 35-year-old John, and Set Macfarlane voices Ted. The Hollywood movie is all about Ted, which is a teddy bear that came to life. All is well until John wants to have Ted accept that he has a life of his own and that he can’t marry the love of his life with Ted lurking around every corner. It still ends with a happy ending, and the movie itself is filled with amusement that’s strictly for adults only. So it’s a no-brainer when the game developers suddenly thought of creating the Ted Slot Machine game.

The Ted Slot Game

The slot machine game has many fun features, such as the Beer Streak, where Ted will spray the reels with beer and swap out your winning combinations with different ones. Another is the Laser Gun Wild, where Ted will use his ray gun to start firing at the reels. Every symbol that he hits will turn Wild. The Psychedelic Bonus Boost is when Ted will blow a psychedelic smoke on the reels, and a bonus will appear. The Thunder Buddy Bonus Round is when you have three or more Thunder Buddy Bonus Symbols, then that’s when the Bonus round will activate. Even if your gamble fails, you still get a mystery reward.

More About The Ted Slot Game!

The creators of Ted the Slot Machine game launched it in March of 2017, and Ted, the Hollywood comedy movie, heavily inspires it. It was developed by Blueprint, and it’s a video slot game that has 20 paylines. If you can match three or more identical symbols on the payline, you get to win a prize. The base game of the slot game is very simple and easily understandable, and the features make it special, unique, and fun. Luckily, the bets of Blueprint Gaming are relatively low, so you can try Ted out anytime you want without breaking the bank.

Ted slot is an action-packed slot machine game with many bonus rounds. You can easily unlock one of the five bonus games by docking a minimum of three scatter symbols. These are the thunder buddies symbols. If you land at least three thunder buddies scatter symbols, then you enter the wheel of fortune. You will make a spin, which will determine what bonus round you’ll start. These bonus rounds are Bar Crawl Bonus, Big Money, Super Mart Free Spins, Wheel of Fartune, and Flash Free Spins.

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