Genre of slot tournaments

There are many online casinos who give you a chance to play the online slot tournament. The tournaments are different then the regular slot games in this you will be playing with the other slot players and achieve points at the end of the tournament who ever has more points will be declared as the winner and they will be receiving the wining award which can be cash award. เกมสล็อต Tournaments are excellent chance to win big amount and you also have lots of fun playing with the other players. Like you have many different slot games in the same way there are different types of slot tournament games.  Let us see some basic tournaments along with some details about them.

  • Scheduled tournament: These are the most common slot tournament. This tournament will have a specific start and end time. Each player who wants to participate in the tournament has to register before they start playing and they should play using their bankroll.
  • But-in tournament: It is almost similar to the scheduled tournament but one difference that you require a buy-in fee. You will be receiving some amount of credits for buy-in. If you run short of credits you will not have chance to buy them again but there another tournament that is the reloaded tournament where you get a chance to buy the credits.
  • Sit and go tournaments: This is a tournament where the numbers of players are fixed and once that number is reached the games starts. If you are not interest in scheduled tournaments then you can choose the sit and go tournaments. Compare to the scheduled tournaments happening of the sit and go tournament is less.
  • Loyalty program comped tournaments: This tournament can be only played by the players who have received the invitation. And these invitations are only sent to the customers who have been playing in that casino since long time. The winning amount is very high compare to the other tournament and in the same way the buy-in is also high.
  • Freeroll tournaments: If you want to play in free than you can try playing the freeroll tournament where you will be given some credits which you can use them while plying the game. But if you win the tournament you will not be getting real money as reward. You can gain some experience playing the free tournaments that can help you while you play the real tournaments.


Hope you have got enough information about the slot tournaments then what are you waiting for check for the tournaments going and try to play them.

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