Casinos all over the world, both land-based and online, offer VIP, Rewards, or Loyalty Club. Most VIP Clubs have a ranking system where a player ranks up the more he or she plays. These clubs have plenty of perks that vary for each level. Top tiers can enjoy luxurious vacations, jewelries, and electronic gadgets. Casinos, such as Smart 12Bet, know how to keep their patrons. They offer benefits for the players to return time and time again. There are plenty of casino players who miss a lot of these benefits because they do not join a VIP Club. If you are still reluctant to join one, here are some of the perks you might enjoy as a VIP Club member.

Convert your points to cash

One of the good things about being a VIP Club member is that you get some form of a rebate. You earn points every time you spend money to play. You collect these points and redeem them for prizes such as free plays and merchandise. You can even convert these points to cash. Point conversion differs in each level.

Join special draws and contests

There are casinos who have contests and draws exclusive to VIP Club members. Top tier members usually have a separate draw or contest. The prizes top tiers are a lot better than those at lower levels. Casinos want to show their appreciation to their loyal patrons. They use these special draws and contests to do so.

Claim birthday gifts

Most casinos provide a special birthday gift to their VIP Club members. It can range from free spins and special bonuses to physical gifts. Top tiers can even get vouchers and valuable gifts.

Receive invitation to exclusive tournaments

VIP Club members can join exclusive tournaments. Some casinos let them join an open competition for free without earning an entry. For example, customers need at least $200 deposit to enter a particular tournament. VIP Club members often get discounts and can get in for as low as $50-100 deposit. Top tier members can join with no deposit required.

Early access to new games

Some casinos unveil new games to VIP Club members first. These members enjoy the new games either for free or at a discounted price for a limited time.

It is very easy to register an account at W88 Login and it is simple to join a VIP Club. With all the perks mentioned above, there is no reason why you should not join one.

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