Beginner to a Pro – My first online poker experience

It was a long time wish to try my hands at live poker but reality pinched that it was next to impossible to travel so far for a game. But inside I still had the urge to play. When I came to know about the online poker sites my joy knew no bounds.  Actually it was my friend who had kindled the interest in me. Every time he spoke about his gaming experience, my interest in the game scaled. Since I was a novice, my friend who was nearly a pro helped me choose the good sites to play online.

Getting started with the game

The moment I signed up, my mind drifted to the dream mode featuring money showers. But no, I still have a lot of learning to do. I took some time to learn the basics, the terminologies used and the strategies employed. Though very excited to get started I was a little wary too. What if I lose a big sum and what if I didn’t win even once? My near pro friend would start describing his fancy wins. Defying all fears I mustered courage and took my first step towards my dream game.

     I started with the most famous variation, the pkv games as I thought I could find more players and do more of learning. Initially I was quite anxious and this was disturbing my mind . So I started with a no investment site which is much suited for a beginner like me. Judging your co player by his body language can help a long way in live games but it is not so in online poker. So you need to be patient and play smart. Slowly I learnt to analyse the game . For a first timer I think I did fine.

   There was great excitement at the table. I found it really funny to play with people I didn’t know at all. At first I wanted to play every hand since I thought that would instill vigour in the game. But wait ! my stack was reducing and I wasn’t piling up any. I grew nervous by then and understood that I needed to wait and watch. I discussed all these with my poker pro and had real fun.

There are some learnings I need to summarize after my first game. I understood the reality that one cannot win huge money everytime, not even regular players.  Keeping your cool in most circumstances can make you a better player. You need to go with the free rolls to avoid depositing money each time. You have to learn the trick to identify the bet size overtime. I have decided to join the chat forums to have more discussions from other members. That will help you gain the edge in the game in the course of time. I found out that there are a lot of online resources to help you understand the key strategies .

 So what am I waiting for? The tournament of course!

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