The beginners who are new to the gambling world find it difficult sometime to understand the terminologies of the games. There are many words which are used in slot online games. For new users benefit let us discuss few terminologies which are mostly known as jargons of the slot gambling world.

Bonus: It is a special offer given by the different sites to attract the players, which may vary from game to game. Bonus is given for new account creation, for wining some combination of spin. In few cases if the player has win any bonus they would ask them to scratch or select an item from the screen which will show you the amount won.

Candle:  It is bulb on the top of the slot machine which gets lit when there is any problem in the machine, coins need to be inserted and player can lit it whenever they need help.

Carousel: This word is used when the slot machines are grouped to form a circle or oval shape.

Coin Hopper: This is the place in the machine were the coins which have to be used for payoffs are kept. Once the player wins some coins the hopper will push the number of coins to the tray and the player collects them.

Credit Meter: This meter shows the amount of credit is in the machine. The display varies for both mechanical slot machines and video slot.

Drop box: Also know as drop bucket. When the hopper takes the excess coins these excess coins are pushed into the drop bucket. Which are checked on timely bases and counted?

Free Spins: It is one of the forms of giving bonus when a player wins some combination of symbols. Free spins means the player will be awarded few free spin while playing the game.

Hand pay:  It is a payment given directly in the hand of the player. This is done if the wining amount is more than the limit of automatic machine payout.

Hopper fill slip: It is a document which is maintained as a record when the coins are filled in the hopper. The coins are filled when all the coins in the machine get over as a result of paying the amount to players. This document is signed by the employees who are involved in this transfer. The document also has the information like slot machine number, date and location.

Slant top: The other name for the slant top is low-level. It is the chair used by the player to sit on while playing the game.

Persistent state: It is a stage where the system through some triggers when few set combinations are met while playing the match.

Roll-up: It is the sound produces when someone wins. This might be the pleasant sound for them.

Short Pay: It is the payment where the player is given only little amount out of the total win amount. This happens when the coins in the machine get over by giving to the players. The remaining amount is either given to the player in hand or the attendant fills the hopper with coins.

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