Online Roma Slots

Join The Fun And Excitement Of Roma Slot Games In The Backdrop Of The Ancient Rome

With the online casinos becoming a thriving industry, more and more people are opting to play online than go to the ground casinos, because of the simple fact that it can be played from any place of your choice and your computer, laptop, or mobile. สล็อตโรม่า or the Roma slots are the simple types of traditional slot games that makes it more unique and interesting to play. Set in the backdrop of the ancient Roman Empire with its gladiators and coliseum, it gives an extra edge to the game. 

What is slot Roma all about?

This slot game’s creator is MGA, and they have kept the focus on the ancient Roman Empire to make the slot game more interesting. This game comes with three reels, one pay line with four bonus rounds. There is also an extra free play option

The wild and two bonus symbols appear during the main game’s spins and three bonus symbols on the upper game. The maximum win is by getting the three bluestones where you get 1000 credit.

The games in Roma are played in two different screens that you need to keep switching thorough out the game, depending on your luck and strategy. You reach the upper game with the right amount of bonuses

The main game consists of three reels and one pay line through the reel and where you need to get the symbols right to win big. Each spin allows you to nudge, and this will make your chances of winning better. This main game also provides you with a gladiator symbol that gives you access to mini-games to win more credits. The common fruit symbols, bells, and the most valuable and rarest diamonds appear according to your play level. Three blue diamonds can win you a huge 1000 credit win. 

Online Roma Slots

The upper game

The roma slot has an upper game, and you have to get the right eagle bonus points to get access to it. The upper game has five pay lines, whereas the base game has only one. The bonus points you get from the base game can be combined with regular coins and get a chance to spin the upper game’s wheels. 

Features of the game

  • The game is spread out into two screens, the main or base game, and the upper game
  • It is set on the backdrop of the ancient roman empire
  • Extra eagle bonuses have to be gained to get access to the upper game
  • The Gladiator symbol gives access to mini-games that can be played to get extra credit wins
  • Three blue diamond’s give you a whopping 1000 credit win
  • The graphic and music are simple, and it adds to the uniqueness of the game 


This simple yet interesting slot game has what it takes to keep the audience busy and engaged. The traditional slot game, if once tried, will win your hearts with its coliseum and gladiators giving the extra boost to the simple slot game.

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