Insider Poker Secrets – Avoiding Unsuccessful Beats, Walk on the Go

Being on the go is a poker term used to denote a player’s state when he is frustrated and has a wave of aggressive losses. It sounds like a terrible situation, but don’t be surprised if you are prone to it from time to time.

Reaching tilt is not difficult, but it is more difficult to avoid

Most players reach the slope after a strong blow. For example, you had a great card game; the flop was a pretty good set of cards. Assuming these are good cards and you decide to make aggressive bets. Follow this with some good cards more. As a result, you bet a lot of money, and finally, your opponent has a ladder or something like that. You get good cards, but do not win, and lose a lot of money. In poker, it would be a bad hit.

If you are the one who considers himself really positive or just misses the reality of the landscape, you can make similar bets in subsequent games. As you play with opponents, a smart opponent will recognize your vulnerable situation and protect you.

The player who is currently a very lonely and disappointed soul. Most likely, these players lose the perspective of the game and end up playing the cards that would otherwise have been discarded. In this case, any worthy opponent will bluff, and the defeated player will lose more money. This happens when a situation of tilt arises, when the losses far outweigh the victories.

The first rule when playing poker online terpercaya is to play quietly and never bet so aggressively, in a crazy sense. It is also a great way to avoid bounce. If you do not bet like crazy, you will not feel frustrated or even lose a few dollars. Making illusions and putting money without significant results can be a bad experience even for very experienced players.

The next situation you will face if you get a strong blow is to avoid evasion. One hit cannot do as much damage as tilt. At that moment, when you realize that your heart was beating, take a break to calm down.

If you can completely leave the table, do it only for disconnection and rest. If you’re at home, go to the fridge for cola or beer. Take your free time to focus on other things. If you’re at the casino, try watching the games at other tables.


Another sensible thing to avoid addiction is to fold after a strike, unless you have been given a formidable hand. Most players should avoid the game if they are not sure that this is a great “monster” hand from textbooks.

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