What does double betting mean in sports betting?

The double bet is a bet that combines two single bets within the same coupon. To hope to pocket gains, it is necessary that the two results chosen in the coupon are positive. This type of bet involves certain risks, but also grants advantages to the bettors due to the way the winnings are calculated. Click here for บ่อน ออนไลน์.

Differences between double bet and double chance bet

Many punters confuse double bets with double chance bets, due to the similarities in the name. However, these two types of bets are fundamentally different in their operation. The double bets provide gains when two results are correct on the selected number. Visit this site for กล้อง ส่อง ไฮโล.

A double chance bet is the combination of two single bets, the odds of winning being increased by the selection of two possible outcomes. This is a 1N, 12 or N2 type bet.

Operation and calculation of the winnings of a double bet

A double bet is a bet that combines combinations of doubles, depending on the number of selections. As you can already imagine, the selection starts with two, and can evolve according to the offer of the bookmaker. So, you can make a double bet by choosing two, three, four or six outcomes, depending on the operator’s market largesse.

The advantage in this type of bet is that you start to pocket the winnings as soon as two results are correct out of the total number chosen.

For example, for a double bet with two selections, both outcomes must absolutely be correct for you to pocket the winnings. But on three or more selections, you win money as soon as two results are correct among the selection.

The calculation of the winnings for a double bet is made by association of two odds, as many times as can be found in your selections.

Take the example of a double bet of type 2/3. There are three possibilities for doubles in this bet, but out of the three choices you make, you will win as soon as two are correct.

The different types of double bets

As stated above, a minimum of two selections are required to make a double bet. But the number of selections depends on the bookmaker. The most common double bets are 2/3 and 2/4. Regarding 2/4, you make 4 selections, which entitle you to 4 combinations, but you pocket wins as soon as two results are correct.

For each fraction, the denominator means the number of selections, but also double combinations, while the numerator indicates the correct number of results it takes to start winning.

Differences between double bet and combination bet

To conclude this guide, it is important to point out that there is a notable difference between combination bets and double bets.

For two selections, the payouts of a double bet are calculated like this:

Stake per bet x odds 1 x odds 2

While for a combined bet G = Total bet x odds 1 X odds 2

For a total bet of € 10, it is € 5 which will be used to calculate the winnings of the double bet while it is € 10 which will be used to calculate that of the combined bet.

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