Three realistic ways for you to become a professional online poker player

You should be more honest to yourself of the times that you search online for you to learn to become a professional online poker player and you since then discovered such thing that it is possible. Everyone knows and a lot of people do this more than a single occasion.

Being able to play poker online as your source of income seems like the best job in the world, especially for someone who loves poker at least. However, it would be totally difficult than you would like to believe in. So, how can you become a pro player? To give you an idea, here are some quick tips that you can follow that will lead you on your way for your ultimate job courtesy of


  1. Study and practice the aspects of the game first– The most basic and the most important fundamental that you have to remember in order for you to become a professional online poker player is to study the game. This is very crucial if you want to learn how to become successful like a professional online poker player. When you think that you have already learned that there is a lot to learn about online poker, you then realize the importance of studying it and researching it even more. In fact, professional poker players online do not stop learning and studying because they do not want to hit a plateau on their strategies and skills which they believe will leave them behind.
  2. Always prove that you are someone who is bred to win-Not everybody knows how to be a professional online poker player, so remember how you said that handing in your notice and go straight into becoming a professional online player is not entirely a good idea? One of the main reasons would be for you to prove to yourself that you know how to profit in online poker. A lot of online poker players always bag a huge score in a tournament, or even win twice as big as their wages at the cash tables and starts to think that this game is way easier for them to make a living. Well, technically, that is wrong. First off, you need a lot of cash game hands and tournaments to join just to prove you are a winning player.
  3. Be realistic when you are playing– Once you have already ascertained that you are someone who is a winning online poker player, it would be the perfect time for you to start trying to figure out how many hands or tournament will be needing to play in order for you to at least match your previous job’s salary. When your previous work’s salary always pays you on time, regardless of your productivity, you are almost certainly paid also while on vacation or while you are sick. So, are you willing to play at least sixty hours each week? The fact that you have to go to your work for five days a week, you probably might think twice of making online poker99 your new job because playing sixty hours per week with online poker is just too much and this will sacrifice the quality of your game a lot.

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