Paying Deposits For Slot By Pulsa

As a fine method for payment for Slots, PULSA has reigned supreme till now. It is almost un-hackable. While the plastic scratch card version can be carried in every pocket and vanity bag, the phone to phone digital transfer version is still mostly un-cracked by hackers. The track record of this version over the years has been formidable, especially when used to recharge mobile phones.  Besides, individual amounts are stored in separate virtual packets, so the loss if any is negligible. To obsessed Slot gamblers, from the big cities and the remote villages, who are all involved in Internet Slot betting, Slot Deposit PULSA has been able to satisfy their innate urge to gamble in a very satisfying and cost effective way.  

Online Gambling Games

Gambling On The Ground

When the elite Casinos opened first in 1638 the Ridotto was established in Venice. This provided the first avenue for top class gamblers to play their games in a peaceful and controlled atmosphere, while the Carnival Season of Venice raged outside with some outrageous entertainment. The games played were Baccarat and BlackJack. Apart from the traditional card games Roulette or the ‘Wheel’ helped the Gentry while away the time in style, while the Ladies congregated around and sipped their classy wines. Alongside the play a fine dining feast followed the guests continuously. But the low life Slot machine was sneered at, and at that time graced only the drinking bars of American cowboys. Gradually however, the Slot machine came into its own and now account for nearly 70% of the Casinos revenue.

Slots On The Internet

The coming of Online Gambling only enhanced the equation further in favor of the Slot Machine. Internet slot machines now raked in nearly 80% of the total revenue of online gambling. One headache for the managers of Online Slots was how to assist gamblers to pay the small deposits of Real Money necessary to initiate online betting. It was in Indonesia that the method popular today first achieved popularity. Slot Deposit PULSA came into existence and operated through thousands of small outlets like mobile shops or electronic showrooms or even grocer’s shops. The first version used small Plastic Scratch Cards with a covered alphanumeric code. The second version used mobile phone to phone transfer of the code. From both the versions, the code could be inputted into the online game of Slots to make the deposit.

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