Ideas for making money with video games

If you’re good at one game, or even more, you can try to make money at video games tournaments.

Now, thanks to some sites it is possible to register for tournaments and try his luck (or provoke it) to finish in the first place and win the jackpot.

Bet on e-sports

E-sport means … video game (this is a word that is certainly born of a marketing story).

Since there are now video game competitions, there are bound to be bets, one rarely goes without the other.

And to be able to bet on the e-sport there are more and more American sites,) so I do not know not if I have the right to promote it here. So as a precaution I will not mention any e-sports betting site here.

Make videos on YouTube

This technique is one of the most excellent lawful solutions to make money through video games. Many You Tubers do a lot of money by filming themselves playing, it shows the millions of views accumulated by some videos.

The advantage of this solution is that it can earn passive income, so once you have a fairly developed audience you can expect to earn sums of money quite interesting without necessarily having to publish videos every day.

own online game

I have not yet tested JasaQQ YouTube – as You Tuber – but Nathanael blog Buziness24 to write a fairly comprehensive article on the subject that you can access by following this link: Make money on YouTube.

Register your own game online

To make money one can also think about creating (or having created), developing and administering one’s own online game, or application. It can then be monetized by allowing members to pay for benefits on the same game, it can also be monetized through advertising.

Creating your own online game may require some knowledge, and developing it requires a lot of time, especially at the beginning. You can also create your game server.

Create a website (blog, forum, online shop …)

You can also earn a lot of money by creating and developing your video game site. One can, for example, create a blog, an online shop, a forum … and even all at once.

The hard part is to make the site known, to bring traffic on it. we can do drop shipping (which consists of selling products without having stock to manage), we can sell our products, such as an eBook for example, and we earn money via Google Ad sense.

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