Eligible Players To Get 100 % Bonus

In the online casino world, there is always tough competition to attract new players and retain the existing one. There are thousands of casinos available in the internet market, so each and every company wants to attract the players in different way so that they will have huge subscriber base. They are their main source of income and profit. When the casino comes up newly not many will know about the casino and even if they knew they will be little reluctant to move to new casino for lot of reasons. They need some strong reasons to move into new website to play.

Full Payment Of Initial Deposit

You must สมัคร fun88 to know about the offer they are extending to the new customers. They have announced that for the first 1000 customers who are registering with their website, they are going to give 100% bonus of the initial deposit they are making to play. This kind of bonus is very new to the casino world. There are always lots of cash back for the initial deposit, but full amount coming back is pretty new concept in the casino marketing world. But there is one condition is that the maximum amount they will be refunding is 1000 Baht. This is the hot offer that is going around in the casino world right now.  There are total of 18 deposits a player can make in this website. When you make the first of those payments, you will become eligible and you will get the bonus but the catch is that you can’t use that straight away. This will be locked for next 30 days and there should be some bonus rotation happening and if that does not happen, your bonus will get void and you won’t get any money.

Example calculation is if you make 1000 baht as the initial deposit, the amount to be redeemed is 36000 baht. Minimum amount you can deposit is 500 baht. This is one offer which not many can reject or avoid. This is kind of tempting offer for all. In case, if you have any doubts or clarifications needed you can always contact the support team through the live chat. They will be available around the clock to support you. There are lots of casino games available in the fun88 website. All of your favorite games are available along with host of new games that are not available in the other casino websites.  This is the place where you can earn a lot without losing anything. There are lots of live games also available to play in this website. These live games attract lot of new comers and with their referrals lots of other new players also enrolling in the website.


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