BLACK JACK play tips and tricks:

The twenty one or the blackjack is very famous in the poker business. This game wants you to be more advanced than the deal with around more than 52 cards required to keep in the play. The players don’t compete with each other only with the dealer they have to compete.

You have to beat the dealer without exceeding the final score of 21.

Get 21 points on player’s two cards being the very first two cards and without a dealer blackjack.

You should always read the rules and regulations of the game. This is a necessary step to know more about the rules of the game for a fair and technical play. You can check this out .

The card value doesn’t change anyhow, the face cards have the same value that is imposed on the side if the card is of 3 numbers Ace, and the value will be 3. For the cards with faces drawn on them (king, queen, Jacob) the value is fixed to 10, with queen adds 10 points.

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There is a thing called busting in the game according to which a player where the total of the player exceeds the value “21”. Let us suppose you have cards with 9-10 and with another round you get a card to 10 again this makes the total to be 29 which exceeds the value of game i.e. 21

Details about hard and soft hand:

In hard hand the player has any hand without any ace and if there is an ace with the player that is counted as 1. Example- 10-9 is a hard hand 19, 5-A-10-3 is a hard 19.

Any hand that has an ace and the count is considered as 11 is the soft hand. A-6 is soft 17, A-8is a soft 19, A-2-4 is a soft 17.

There is a little trick when you get two cards in the beginning you should consider an ace as 11 in the count. With the dealing of more cards you can shift your soft hand to hard hands easily. For an instance if a player has a 6-A as soft 17 and there he takes another card. Be it king of 10 points, the total of hard hand will be 27 but the total of soft hand will be 17 that can earn you well in the game by saving your total from exceeding 21. You can learn more tricks regarding this on our website.

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