Basic facts to understand while playing poker

Being a newbie in the poker game makes you to face lots of things. There are lot more things to experience and each will help in understanding how to play poker.

  • Understand the rules – While starting to play poker, it is a player responsibility to get familiar with rules of poker gambling. Poker is the game that has lots of rules and analytic along strategies to follow. Being a poker player, it is their responsibility to progress through the game.
  • Get familiar with poker hand ranking – Card games have various ranking depending upon the card value and number the player holds. Thus general card rankings are listed below.
    • Royal flush
    • Straight flush
    • 4 of a kind
    • Full house
    • Flush
    • Straight
    • 3 of a kind
    • 2 pair
    • One pair
    • High cards


These are the card ranking based on which the player can experience different card value and winning ratio.

  • Understand the poker terms – Poker is a game but it holds lot of technical term within game. The listed terms are used in poker table and you will be able to understand it better when you move along poker terms.
    • Blinds – A forced bet in the game is meant to be blinds.
    • Button – Poker chip that indicates the dealer position on the table.
    • Call – Making bet similar to last bet or raise.
    • Check – It means the player is checking out other player bet without betting.
    • Community cards – This represents the five cards on the table.
    • Flop – The first three cards turned from community cards.
    • Fold – Forfeit cards that were done previously.
    • Hole cards – First two cards dealt with each player.
    • Kicker – Unpaired cards that are used to determine the better hand.
    • Pot – Money that have been bet in the poker game.
    • Raise – Increasing the current bet range.
    • River – The final community card
    • Suited – Two hole cards being similar
    • Turn – Fourth community card
  • Follow table etiquette – Being in the poker room, player should follow the etiquette to have smooth game through the progression. That includes paying attention, leaving cards on table for insight and so on.
  • Know basic strategy – To play poker there are few poker strategies to follow. You can start making your progression while understanding those facts.

Once you get familiar with the game terms and techniques, it is time to search for the poker site like poker1001. You can understand the terms and start making the progression of betting and playing.

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