Which Football Betting Markets are More Profitable?

Have you ever wondered why some people win in soccer bets and others lose? I too did some years back. There is no magic in football betting. Luck is not a determining factor either. Research your teams well, place safe singles or doubles and smile all the way to the bank. Multibets are the greatest enemy of a football punter. Knowing which Situs Judi Online markets are more profitable is as well crucial. Here are some of the most profitable football betting markets to consider.

Straight Win

Betting a straight win on a team you trust is one of the safest and most profitable markets in soccer betting.in this market, a punter has three options which include a draw, home win, or away win. This is a safe strategy especially if you have properly analyzed the teams’ head-to-head results, current form, injuries and suspensions and other issues that could make a team prone to be beaten. One silly mistake betters make when betting on this market is that they settle for teams that have the lowest odds and ignore the other teams. Bookmakers use a mathematical strategy to give out odds to different teams. They are not always accurate so never ignore teams with higher odds because you think they will lose.

Over/Under 1.5 and 2.5 Goals Markets

Pro punters are making real money from this lucrative market. Betting on the 1.5 and 2.5 total goals market is proven to be one of the most lucrative markets ever. All you need to place safe bets on the total goals market is to check out the long-term statistics on how the teams you want to bet on have been performing. If the recent head-to-head matches resulted in over 2.5 goals, chances are that the coming match will also result in over 2.5. The current team form and news will also affect the number of goals to be scored in a match between two teams.

Both Teams To Score Market

The last best Situs Judi online betting market is both teams to score market. In this market, a better has to place a bet on the both teams to score. The better will win if each of the teams score and loses if only one team scores. It is safe and the best market when you select teams that have had a record scoring multiple goals.  This market is not always very safe so make sure to conduct thorough research and team analyzing.


These are the safest markets in football betting that are tried and tested. Punters are earning great profits betting on these markets. All you need to win when you place bets in any of these markets is to conduct thorough research and analyze each of the team’s performance and recent form.

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