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Unusual Sports People Bet On: The Top Four

People around the world love different sports. The excitement is even doubled or tripled when they try to guess the results of the matches at BK8Thai. Putting their knowledge to test is somehow thrilling for most people. Aside from basketball and football, there are several sports people also enjoy watching.

Arm wrestling

Yes, arm wrestling is actually a sport. A lot of people love watching it live. There are various arm wrestling tournaments staged live across the globe. The sport is not the most dramatic because of its slow pace that some people find boring. Despite that, the sport still has a large following.


People played cornhole as children. Cornhole tournaments may come as surprising for some but they actually exist. The original idea for the game came from Europe but the Midwest and the South popularized it. It is very common to see cornholing contests at county fairs and state fairs. This sport involves a pair of players throwing bags of corn kernels or beanbags at boards. They try to get the bags through the holes. The team with the most bags in the hole wins. Betting over cornholing has been taking place at county fairs, tailgates, and barbecues. Vegas and Hong Kong also have odds on cornhole tournaments.

Online Sports Betting


It may not be the most exciting sport to watch but it grows on you for no obvious reason. This sport involves ice, sweepers, big rocks, and teams. The aim is to get as many of your stones in the circle at the other end of the lane. It should be as closest to the center as possible. Knocking the other team’s stones out is also an option.

Harness racing

Harness racing is a big deal in areas of Europe and the United States. A jockey sitting in a buggy hitched to a horse joins the race. This sport originated from chariot racing from the Greco-Roman era. Most people enjoy this for its beauty and elegance. In other places, people like the race because any kind of horse can race, whether pedigreed or not. This difference from the traditional thoroughbred racing makes it more exciting. Harness racing is huge in Sweden and Finland.

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